Saturday, June 24, 2006

malaysia, truly asia

ok..random title for a post.. but heck.. this time next week, i'm gonna be in my bed sweet bed.. sweating and swearing at the sweltering heat.. hahaha.. in a way i can't wait to be back home. getta see my friends and hug them and all.. but on the other hand.. hmm.. but no.. i am so going back to wreck havoc for like.. 18 days! thinking bout it now, 18 days seems like a long time.. but it probably won't be ae.. i know the flight is gonna be a long one though.. gotta make full use of my erm... 4 days here.. haha.. some of you should know what i mean...

i've been given 3 rules to live by for the 18 days that i'm gonna be away.. i should be able to do it.. hahaha.. its not THAT hard!

1) no taking drugs
2) no dying
3) no other bois

there.. 3 rules.. can't be that hard right? AND he said no other boys... he din say anything bout girls.. hehehehe *grins like the cheshire cat* i'm gonna have fun!! but im gonna miss him like shit as well.. argh goddamnit.. but no.. i miss my friends too much to not go back... 10 hour ride.. god.. THATS gonna take forever!!! :(


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