Thursday, June 02, 2005

crazy little thing called love

just got back from retail therapy with angel. and man, the heat out there is extreme. if you got lost within the first few words, well, all i'm trying to say is that i just got back from shopping with angel and it is very hot out there. even looking out of the window is getting me sweating buckets...eugh....quite a fruitful day today...settled stef and sarah's present. now its left with colin's...hmm...what to get colin...what to get colin...angel suggested a cap or a shirt. i did think of a cap but that would mean going down to cs...hmm....have to see how first....have to sort out stef's gathering as well. another thing to do tonight other than bm and chem ttn homework...what else is there to do and first mums and lost...wanna see whether it is as good as they say it is....homework homework homework...3 chem THAT'S gonna be a task...

as i have noticed recently, there is one word that i always come into contact with for some funny reason. and that word is jealousy. yes, as angel and i would put it, that J word....brings along many a what exactly IS with that J word?!?! one do many a crazy thing...seriously.
as i see many a person around me falling helplessly in and out of love, i have no idea whether or not being in love is a good thing. with love comes so many things. commitment. jealousy. the feeling of being loved. the insecurities that come along with it. maybe i'm just being paranoid and that i really should not be dissecting love the way i am but hey! i can't help it. it's nice though. seeing people in love. going around with goofy smiles. knowing that there will always be that special someone waiting for them at the other end of the line. that no matter what happens, that someone will always be on their side, supporting them. that someone to fall back on. letters that mean so much. yet, as we all know, you cannot actually go looking for love. love comes looking for you. just when you least expect it. funny how it works doesn't it? cupid loves playing tricks on us mere mortals.
however, i must say that i am quite enjoying one to answer to and all..heheh..althought there are people like zhiyung who thinks that i am attached and melissa who simply would not let go of the lil fact that him and i aren't actually going out. grrr...

this thing called love i just can't handle it
this thing called love i must get round to it
i ain't ready
i kinda like it
crazy little thing called love

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