Friday, June 17, 2005

need to post!

i really need to blog more often from now on. wait, that was what i said last week. oh wells. was just in a daze for the whole week. think it was the whole "oh no! there goes my holidays!" thing you know...was just sleeping half the time throughout the week and today in bm, i stared at the floor for five minutes...FIVE FULL MINUTES!

feel like i'm going through a mid life crisis on the finding myself crap and all...and i'm really DOES say a lot about my life span now doesn't it?

had those sour tapes for you guys have NO idea about what i'm going on and on about, it is this long tape like thing that comes in coke, strawberry, blueberry and green apple. though i only eat the coke and green apple one drink however, was sweet...hehe..redeemed a chocolate ice blended from coffee bean...hehe...the guy just automatically packed it in a paper bag and all.. and i was it THAT obvious that i'm going to tuition? anyway, each time i stuck my head into the paper bag to reach the straw which seemed to be six feet deep, everyone said i looked like i was puking my guts out in when everyone saw that i was holding onto a coffee bean bag, they were like "you very rich eh".....thing was, they didn't know it was

and as aptly as angel would put it...kingdom has come! lin, lyn, xin, tasha, esther, andrew and i as well as evie, adrian and vincent moved to the front of the class today. like the front front. directly in front of the white board and yet i was still busy messaging teacher could not be any more bothered. i was concentrating quite a bit though. so much that i pointed out a little itsy bitsy theory of how hang jebat could have been gay since he displayed such shock when told that he had an admirer, that being li po.. or whatever.ok..think i gotta stop here....i can already feel angel breathing down my neck and shooting me the evil eye bout going on and on about bm..

tomorrow is foa...probably the last one i'll ever attend. my nails are already painted black. have to remember bout my black lipstick. joy will positively scream when i see her. however, i would definitely like to see alven's reaction and the reaction of those around me..hahaha...interesting interesting...

oh wells....think that's about it tonight

joke of the day
this mother had always nurtured her child to grow up with self confidence.
so one night, as she was walking out of the room after tucking in her daughter to bed, she said out loud, "i love you, joy." and the daughter replied, "i love me too!"

- adapted from readers' digest -

+ cassie over and out +


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