Tuesday, June 28, 2005


the weather has been rather merciful these few days...thank god...the bloomin hot weather about a week ago could have killed us or something!

ok..so on thursday, lyn, kysha, tasha, sean and i went out to watch initial d. 5 minutes before add math ended, all of us were rushing to pack our bags and to get out of class. vasantha was very amused watching us waiting by the door to get out asap. lol. overall, the show was very good although i did not quite like the ending. i still stand by my opinion that edison chen is far cuter than jay chou. *melts*. after the show, we went to vivos, where we watched sean and tasha dissect their turkey ham panini. i kid you not. they were literally dissecting it!

friday was dooms day for many a convent girl. open day...my mum was there bright and early seeing how she had to rush to work. she did not talk to emilda which i'm not sure whether or not is a good thing. mrs koo did not extol praises on me but neither did she say anything bad. which is not too bad i would guess. said i was straightforward and direct. very helpful. no discipline problems. an avid reader. predicts a mixture of A1s and A2s for the big one. overall, good. so there. and as parents were in there gossipping about us kids, and we kids were outside wrecking our brains as to what our teachers could possibly say, i was outside the hall trying to get parents to purchase the 80th anniversary t-shirts. not exactly the greatest sales as most kids would have bought the shirt before the concert. oh, and we also did our peka on friday. after that, i went to pp to meet up with dennis and his sister, yvonne. and dennis HAD to intro it this way. "yvonne meet yvonne and yvonne meet yvonne." VERY funny dennis, if you are reading this. BUT, yvonne and i had TREMENDOUS fun poking fun and irritating the hell out of dennis. lol. some of my school and classmates shot me funny looks when they saw me with this UNKNOWN guy. good god, if only they knew. too bad marge did not want to join us. hehehe. it would have been fun as yvonne and i were picturing dennis and marge. TOGETHER. lol...

saturday. hmm, was in school on saturday morning. doing nothing. then i came back, had lunch and OFF TO TUITION! two boring hours of physics. thank god for friends. lol. then came back, slept, dinner, and i came online. so basically, i did nothing on saturday except being a lazy bum that i am. lol.

sunday was no different. only got down to doing work at about 7sth in the evening. lol. fun! weekends should ALWAYS be like this. just lazing around doing nothing. or doing the things we love so much and not rushing around the place and having no time to enjoy life...

yesterday and today was as usual. rushing work and work and work. however, there was a little extra today. we had to finish 3 pekas....grr....after geetha left our class, we continued with our chemistry lab report. noraini came in to teach history but all of us were so engrossed in our chemistry. all we did was greet her, and sat back down to continue writing. after 10 minutes or so, we asked if we were done and we said no. that was it. the fate of her history class was sealed. even if she was to teach history, no one would listen. therefore, she just decided to ditch the idea of teaching at all! hahahahaha...

tomorrow we will be dancing for english week. it all started with english folk dancing, but over the years, it has evolved into line dancing and sorts. can't wait. we'll be dancing to don't phunk with my heart. lol.

+ cassie over and out +

p.s. can't believe dt actually knows the song don't phunk with my heart


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