Tuesday, January 31, 2006

chocolate cake anyone?

spent the better part of the morning asleep today.. so much for wakin at four in the morning to catch people online.. oh wells.. then, i helped my aunt with the choc cake she was bakin.. pretty easy but i still wouldn't do it myself if i had to..oh and that part that has been sliced out is sitting nicely in my stomach waitin to be digested :D the festive air of cny should still be nice and loud back home.. whereas here, its just like another day.. not that i'm complaining! no "wahh so big oredi har" or "eh you lost weight already arr" thanks for telling me that i am vertically challenged but no thank you. there oughta be some red packets sittin at home waitin for me when i get back... but that would be a good 11 months or so.. ah wells.. have got an english test tomorrow.. great! the first thing i do when i start school is have an english test.. what a way to start the year *rolls eyes* then there's orientation for the rest of the week, as well as next week and classes proper starts on wednesday.. waiting for my mum to get back before we head off to dinner at aunt angela's [i think] should be quite a spread.. =)


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