Friday, January 27, 2006

blogging in nz for the first time!

ok. its literally my first post in nz. am sitting at the computer table with my laptop propped up and get this.. i'm on dial up.. after being on broadband for so so so so long, i am on dial up! *faints.. but it ain't that bad.. the speed is say 2/3 of that of a broadband's and i had no problem connecting.. and my msn hasn't dc-ed at all! *shoot.. musn't jinx it* unlike dialup in msia where you keep on gettin dc-ed and is berladee slow.. that isn't the case here..

okok.. down to what i should really be blogging about.. i left the grounds of my house at bout 4+ yesterday to catch my flight which was leavin from spore. the flight was at 9, but it was in case of a jam. and as usual, i barely caught 2 hours of sleep.. and that was only on and off. a 10 hour flight and i only caught 2 hours of sleep! how pathetic can THAT get! oh and i didn't eat either. the sight of airplane food makes me wanna puke. seriously.. i was just sipping on my cup of oj and watchin my mum eat and that was enough to make me feel like i was gonna throw up any minute. sigh. i played tetris for bout 1/2 hour to 1 hour. listened to my ipod.. and the rest of the time, i was just dozing off waking up staring at people eat staring into thin air and staring out at the window watchin a lil sunrise.

reached nz at bout 12 plus. waited a long long time at the customs/immigration tingie.. and the rest of the day was spent unpacking and walkin around the malls.. was too lazy to capture any pictures today so hard luck people.. maybe tmr.. saw many a cute guy but alas, none really caught my eye.. oh and i haven't gotten my nz number yet...maybe tmr or sth..feels like a holiday more than coming here to study.. hard to imagine i'm gonna be studyin here!!! argh!!! its gonna be another long day tomorrow.. aih.. and its gonna be difficult tryin to catch you guys online. btw the time difference is like.. 5 hours.. hmm.. have to see how la..

okla thats bout it for today.. shall blog again tomorrow if i have the chance or if im not dead tired or dead dehydrated by then.. o btw the weather here is LOVELY.. except for the dryness la...
cos its like... the sun is out.. you feel the heat but you don't sweat AND the wind is nice and cool! how's THAT! hahaha..


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