Monday, January 09, 2006

disclaimer plus a bit more

my brother stood up for me! well sorta..
mum came into the room just now and this was how the conversation went.. more or less laa..

mum : i'm not telling you to do sciences. you can do whatever it is that you'll like. i'm just saying that that's where the money is. if you don't believe me you ask your brother. then she went on about how without money i wouldn't have gotten my new samsung phone.. nor the straightened hair...

*brother was sitting at the pc hoping to not get implicated*

me : i just don't want to be stuck in a job that i don't like.

brother : i think that you should do what you have an interest in. no doubt that is where the money is. but if you have an interest in what you do, that should get you somewhere. *voice fades off as i silently cheer on my brother*

mum : *she was saying something.. but not that i was listening since my brother sort of spoke up for me.. AND that i was actually TRYING to catch what was happening in the apprentice. so yeah.*

ok now for the disclaimer part.
the post earlier was done almost immediately after the whole debacle. my mood was swinging like a pendulum and all.. i was like on the verge of tears already *y'know.. the works* and i was just plain irritated and annoyed and frustrated.. bla bla bla so the post was a lil extreme.. and there may have been parts which were exaggerated.. like my dad.. he din actually unwillingly agree.. he was quite okay with the idea la.. only that he wanted me to do math .. it was a do or die situation.. ah wells... you get my drift..


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