Monday, January 16, 2006

long days and even longer nights

my nine very bestest best friends in one way or the other! am feeling kinda emo and all today.. nearly cried after my dad gave me the pep talk just now.. no actually i sorta did.. a few drop of tears did roll down my cheek.. thank god i managed to wipe it off before mum came in! don't think they need much introduction but i shall do it anyway.. startin from top left hand corner in the red top is me.. obviously.. then there's cel (my angel and les partner), lyn (my jie), dee dee (my mummy), mel (my kindy friend, a bit tomboy hence the handsome one but she's gettin real pretty these days), and stef (also the kindy one but only got to know her on a personal level in primary 5) then from the bottom left hand there's xin (my jie as well..but really she's the smart one), weiyi (my cs-ing parDner and crappin' partner), jayne (the smart one and the one who keeps me rooted so that i don't do anything stupid) and tasha (the mummy of the gang.. more so with her new specs) hahah... tasha's gonna murder me after this! well, jayne is in uk (got her mail today!) and so is angel.. the rest are in kl.. or rather damansara and subang jaya.. really miss them lots and lots.. sigh.. the next time i get to see them will be in dec.. sigh.. love them lots and lots..
if any of you are readin this, just wanna say take care, miss you lots and love you lots!


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