Wednesday, January 04, 2006

resolution 2005 2006

a lil late for resolutions you say? never! we're only five days into the new year!! there is ALWAYS time for resolutions.. question is, will i stick to it? come feb, i'll probably be like.. resolution? WHAT resolution? i made resolutions of no sort! *heh*

as far as i remember, no one whom i know makes yearly resolutions. or maybe they make it, but i just don't know of it. maybe dennis does. i dunno. as for me, i don't remember making resolutions for the past 17 years of my life. (are the i-must-do-well-in-exams-this-year counted?)

ok.. so resolution 2006 here we go

1. lose weight
hah! the ultimate number 1 on everyone's resolution list. ok maybe not everyone.. but this is a stupid resolution to make *no offence to those who do* its as good as sayin.. i'm gonna get straight As then just kick back, relax, enjoy and party your butts off right up till the night before the examinations. its just not gonna work. writing it down but not getting your damn ass off the couch and hitting the gym just ain't gonna cut it.

2. i'm gonna get straight As for all my examinations
yet another cliched resolution to say the least. cut yourself some slack.. its OKAYY to get a B.. trust me.. i fail! not all the time.. but yeah.. several times.. it ain't the end of the world. trust me.. if getting a B was the end of the world, i would have committed suicide a coupla times by now with no thanks to the failures.. just do your best and let god do the rest *oh no.. why am i sounding so holy?*

3. earn my 1st million by the end of the year
it ain't impossible.. but figures have shown that its not very possible either. meaning, unless you are kick-ass famous, or that you get lucky and strike it in lottery or sth, chances are if you are gonna be working a 9-5 job, you won't be getting your million by the end of the year. but no, i'm not asking you to go rob a bank or sth. don't be dumb.

4. i wanna fall madly, deeply and head over heels in love with prince charming/miss right
get a life. thats all i can say. i think you would have noticed by now that fairy tales do not exist. and btw, the more you wanna fall in love, the more you will fall out of it. sad to say..but it's true.. i mean.. we don't go around finding cupid.. cupid comes and looks for us. no wait..lemme correct that.. cupid shoots the arrow at us. oh and there's always the problem of whether or not we are actually in love or in love with the idea of being in love *quit staring at me.. dennis and that nicole girl in tiramisu said it*

4 resolutions and my brain is already on shutting down mode. guess i'm not cut out for this resolution business.. which is why.. i don't make em to begin with.. just having a lil fun here dissecting resolutions for the brand new year.. hahaha..

this comes a lil late no doubt.. but a
happy new year to one and all =)


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