Sunday, September 03, 2006

i want a pool table

i know this would sound really materialistic and all.. but thats one of my life goals now..maybe i should start writing down a life-goals list.. like weiyi did.. and at the end of the day.. sit down and see which one i have managed to achieve.. which knowing me is probably none.. but ehh..ok.. anyway. back to the story..was at joanna's place yesterday.. and mann.. that girl's got a pool table in her house! how cool is that.. so yeah.. thats one of my life goals from now on.. to have a pool table in my house.. no wait actually.. i want a huge entertainment room..with state of the art technology.. pool table.. and lotsa lotsa stuff.. oh god.. im dreaming again.. hmmm...

after staying up all friday morning till 5 to finish my english, i started gettin all emo.. i started wondering if all this is really worth it.. all the effort im puttin into my work.. is it really gonna pay off? i don't know.. i really don't.. i don't think i've ever put in so much effort into school work or life for that matter.. but most importantly.. would it be worth it? hmm.. sighh.. ok.. think i should go get some math done.. home alone now.. sucks!


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