Saturday, October 22, 2005


ok.. this is gonna be a short one.. i hope.. just wanna update for the sake of it..
10 of us went to school today and we had physics early in the morning.. ishh..
and we were happily eating candy and having "discussions" in class.. hahaha
and then we went down to the lab.. the chem lab..hehe.. 1o of us.. in one lab.. with too much chemicals to spare.. haha.. so we ended up doing experiment after experiment.. i think the coolest was the cincin perang one.. we didn't get to do that last year.. and no one wanted to touch the argentum nitrate for fear of staining our hands.. haha..
went back to class.. attempted to drag our class teacher to shell with us. but they were like.. canteen is open.. dang...
chengkee came into class as well.. today's bio was well, light and funny, as compared to past lessons....
oh and kysha beat xin at sudoku today. hahaha.. she was sooo over the top of the moon wei.. hahah..
well well.. think this is all i am capable of tonight. g'nite peeps!

+ cassie over and out +


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