Friday, May 27, 2005

tomorrow is THE day

feels like a milennium since we finished the add math paper. for some funny reason. maybe its because we've been so busy with the preparations. well, let me see. after the add math paper yesterday, we quickly rushed down and got started on the preparations. putting up the decors and stuff like that. i ended up going home at about 6+ maybe? then, although i was really bummed out yesterday, i did not fall asleep until about 12 sth. what a bummer. and even then, i did not sleep very well. kept on waking up and my subconscious mind was still running. therefore i woke up even more tired before i went to bed.

then at school today was another hectic day. what with putting up the decorations, the rehearsals going on, i had to do about one million things and be at one million places all at the same time. after which we went over to tasha's place. still can't believe i forgot bout lin. feel so guilty. sigh. took a quick bath and went off to tuition where absolutely NOTHING went in. sad sad. am very proud of the decorations which hang oh so nicely inside the hall...hehehe...

jayne's not going to be here tomorrow as she's going off for a trip to cambodia i think, organized by her church or sth. tasha's going to hk after the concert. xin's going to kl and she doesn't know when she's going to be back. angel's going off to youth rally after the concert. soo many people won't be around. :(

hugging 10 pillars. 9 odd hours without food. standing on 8 chairs. curling up 6 rolls of ribbons. spraying 5 cans of stars. 4 weeks of exams. 3 days of sweating and screaming. 2 days without sleep. and finally, 1 big big concert!

+ cassie over and out +


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