Saturday, May 14, 2005


am currently waiting for my supper to come back...although i had dinner already but im still very very hungry...weird...must be the stress! exams i tell you! they are was quite uneventful and wasted i must say...didn't really do much...was online this morning, then i went off for lunch...went to lavendar to have baked rice..hehehe...yum yum....after which i proceeded off to tuition...came back..was just staring at my book until dinner time...then bath...studied a bit of history and here i am online once more and blogging...oh wells..there goes another day down the drain

thursday..what did i have on thursday? oh est...after est, we went to help mrs e with "the shop" as xin would put it..haha.. we were tending the shop which was selling the shirts and button badges for the 80th anniversary concert. xin had a VERY fun time counting money. as for the juniors, half of them came back to change their shirt sizes after they did not listen to us seniors and took bigger sizes!

friday was the day most of the form fives nearly died due to the bio paper...exams are not just evil. they are traumatizing too! angel nearly got banged by a car!! it was THAT close...phew...first it was me, then it was her..but she came much much closer...add that to the fact that she was alone and there was no one to pull her back unlike how she did for me the week before

hmmm...not going to be a long post today...not much to say...though i'm in a really good mood peeps

quote of the day
this is going out to all those who have waited in vain

waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought. useless and disappointing

+ cassie over and out +


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