Saturday, May 21, 2005


i am feeling VERY happy although i am somewhat exhausted and tired out. this is due to many reasons. them being the fact that i am done with most of my papers and am only left with add math on thursday! which means, NO MORE MEMORISING!!!! woohoo...till the next exams that is! what a relief..all that memorising was beginning to take a toll on me :( after our last but one paper yesterday, i went out shopping with angel!!! its been SOOOO long since we went out together...hehee...must do it again sometime during the holidays after her rally or sth..hehehe....then just as we were about to leave for tuition, it started pouring like really was actually raining before that...according to xinyu, just after she stepped into, angel and lin hui braved the rain with 3 other convent juniors. it was sorta fun cos we were screaming and laughing hysterically on the i was all drenched in class...freezing my butts off in a shirt which i could practically squeeze water out of! imagine THAT!!! so that was bm. a candyless bm at that. for once. lol. then in chemistry, i sat with angel and mel. it was irritating seeing how everyone was asking teacher for the answers for the exams but at the same time amusing to see mel get all worked up....though i was not actually any better off. seeing how i left nearly one whole subjective question blank. the analisis kualitatif one. lolz.. as well as many other subquestions...guess my report book is going to be VERY colourful this time around. hahah...afterwards, i came back from tuition, i had dinner. then my bath. then, i fell asleep. yes, i fell asleep at 8sth. very rare, coming from me. slept until 12a.m. that is. then i came online for another hour before going back to sleep until about 10sth this morning. lolz...i slept for half a day! was THAT exhausted. after lunch today, i went for physics then lepak at pp then tuition again for chem in case i don't go next week. thats about it i guess...have to start cracking for add math. already my mum asked me why i wasn't doing any work...hmmm....

+ cassie over and out +


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