Thursday, August 25, 2005

holidays to be over

thats the second time this week that i only went to sleep two hours before my grandparents woke up for their morning exercise! normally, i wouldn't last past 0200 hours! 0230 at best. but like my mum said, you are gonna have to readjust when school starts. argh. i shall worry about that when the time comes. not now. now, all i want to do is have my fun.

had a somewhat interesting day yesterday. the alarm went off at bout 0745 hours. i was rudely awoken by the shrill polyphonic ringing tone of my samsung "samseng as angel would say" phone. i woke up thinking, "what the hell did i set the alarm for?" and promptly went back to sleep. barely two minutes later, i literally jumped out of bed as i suddenly remembered that i had english tuition in the morning. had to drag myself out of bed as to avoid falling back into bed and dozing off to dreamland once again. english tuition was quite uneventful and as usual, we did not leave empty handed. we were given enough to keep us busy for a long long while. as mrs e would say, "i bet when spm is here, some of you will still owe me essays!" haha.. sorry mrs e! after that, aunty emily dropped us off at tasha's place. there, we had lunch with many thanks to tasha's aunt! afterwards, we just sat on her bed and started chit-chatting. having a girl talk as they would say. it was really so much fun. we sat there like it was our year end holidays and had no care as to what time it was. we just talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more. lloyd and nigel must have thought us bunch of crazy girls! hahaha. at bout 2+, aunt grace had to send the guys to tuition and we hitched a ride to the condo, where we started our tai tai mahjong session. lol. oh and we had hot piping pizza as well as mouth watering chicken wings from pizza hut. by the way, pizza hut's pizza is still the best. same goes for their chicken wings. it is well marinated and well spiced! kudos to them for such yummy chicken wings. dang. feeling a lil hungry now even though i just had dinner. aunt yoon lee then came to fetch us lock, stock and barrel home at 6+ . spent most of the night just sitting around, watching tv and surfing the internet. and for once, my brother actually returned the modem to me! and it was only 11p.m. hehe. was online till bout 3++ in the morning chatting, when i finally gave up and decided that i needed some sleep.

grandma woke me up at like what.. 10+ 11 .. that meant i only got 7+ hours of sleep! :'( .. didn't do much today either. lazed around. was online most of the day. watched the amittyville horror. it is pretty much like your average horror movie. the catch? it was based on a true story and the story line of the movie pretty much stuck to the original story. freakay i tell you! the mere thought that it actually happened before. yikes! practised the organ after that, considering i have not touched that thing in ages. and that's pretty much all that i did today. a very boring one. sigh.

for those who loved lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events, and tim burton's charlie and the chocolate factory, the chronicles of narnia, based on the book by c.s. lewis, is a must watch! so many other great shows coming this year yet so little time! corpse bride, another one by tim burton is also a must watch. as well as for harry potter and the goblet of fire. hmph.

quote of the day
heaven hath no fury like love to hatred turned. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

+ cassie over and out +


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