Tuesday, December 14, 2004


i am ABSOLUTELY pissed.

what a way to start my post but hey, whatever blows my whistle right?

well, ok, lemme see...second day angel's in adelaide. which means no late nights with her. oh wells. there's always kor..haha..if he is online that is.

second thing, lyn is ill...oh no!! my jie is ill!!! :( and she's going off to korea tomorrow. hope she feels much better by then. have a safe and great trip yeah jie? lucky girl, she's going to be seeing snow!!! will miss you too.

xinyu, if you read this post, you forgot to remind me today about your daniel wu show. haha. will try to remember to tape it for you though ;)

just finished my second jigsaw puzzle...YAY!!! thought i'd never be done with the first one actually. THAT took a MILLENIUM. haha. was really complicated with the trees and stuff.

not done with xmas shopping...YIKES!!! still have a few more people to go. sigh. its not so much the cash, it's that i can't seem to find something suitable for the person. which is SOOO sad. double sigh.

nick reminded me that my birthday is just around the corner. DOUBLE YIKES. i'm so old. BLEH. what a sick world this is.

when my birthday is around the corner, it means that christmas is just BEFORE the corner, ok, i think that was really corny. oh wells. anyway, as i was saying, christmas is COMING!! its LOOMING!!! everywhere i hear christmas carols being played. a nice, warm, fuzzy wuzzy feeling comes rushing back into me. its nice, but it also brings about an air of depression. i don't know why, but it just does. sad.

why does she keep scolding me? i mean its not my fault that nothing is going her way you know. its so pissing. scold scold scold that's all she knows to do. argh...just piss off la. i can SOOO survive without you.

this song depicts exactly how i'm feeling...

trying hard to reach out
but when i tried to speak out
felt like no one could hear me
wanted to belong here
but something felt so wrong here
so i'd pray
i could breakaway
i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly
i'll do what it takes till i touch the sky
make a wish
take a chance
make a change
and breakaway

+ breakaway +
+ kelly clarkson +


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