Tuesday, December 28, 2004


PAPERCUT!!! YIKES!!! pain pain..okla..not pain...but its bound to be really really pain after a day or two.. when the cut "expands" like how the first one did...and now its RED...oh by the way, if any of you are wondering, the last i counted i have FIVE people!! FIVE PAPERCUTS!!!! oh wells..

hmm...am pretty much done with my powerpoint presentation for thursday with the exception, i don't have the school staff picture...tasha is having it. she's supposed to help me scan it together with my neo prints...hehe..

hmm...was out pretty much the whole day today...firstly went to school with angel, xin and tasha.... to get summore pics..hehe...bought angel's textbooks....then we went to cs to have lunch...went 2 sushi king...yum yum!! then we went over 2 tasha's place....wrapped tasha's and angel's books...then mama lim..aka aunty grace, bought or rather..ordered loads and loads and loads of food...YUM YUM!! heheh...we were also watched love undercover...migosh daniel wu is soooo cute!! hehehe...another one 2 add 2 my list of OH-SO-CUTE guys...ehehehehe...

oh wells...it been SOOO long since i last spoke 2 stef..miss her so so much..wonder what she is up to right now...hmm.. =(

*song of the day*
understand the things i say
don't turn away from me
cause i spent half of my life out there
you wouldn't disagree
d'you see me, d'you see me
do you like me, do you like me standing there
d'you notice, d'you know
do you see me, do you see me
does anyone care?

ode to my family
the cranberries

cassie over and out


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