Monday, December 20, 2004

blister....sob sob

this is most definitely NOT fun. not the whole blogging thing, but the whole blister thing. there is like a HUGE blister on my foot. with NO thanks to my stupid pair of clogs...argh...who knew clogs could actually cause blister eh...but NOW I KNOW...all that friction between my foot and the strap of my clog has caused an EXTREMELY HUGE AND PAINFUL blister to "appear outta nowhere" on my foot!!! ok all girls who are reading this, vanity is one thing, blisters are another. no one should ever have to go through SUCH a TRAUMATIC experience as i did today!!! *sob sob* note to self...NEVER.. i repeat NEVER EVER wear my pair of clogs when going out for hardcore shopping.

speaking of which, i am PRETTY MUCH DONE with my christmas shopping...woohoo!!! going again tomorrow to get 2 more presents and some tinnie winnie cards my brother suggested we should put together with the present. i'll be broke by the end of all this but is only once a year right? so why not pamper myself *wait a minute...i DID NOT get to pamper myself with some relaxation or spa thing AND i did not even get anything for myself!!! not even that emily pencil case i was eyeing for ONE WHOLE WEEK in cs!!! on top of which i had gotten a much for pampering...*, my family AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST my great bestest best friends!!! and some of their other halves that is..haha..hope neither of them reads this..haha..oh wells, but it was all worth it...i mean i LURVE shopping, especially for people *except when i get a headache from figuring out what to get la*.. haha.. oh wells...if only i am filthy rich!! woohoo!!! shopping here i come!!!

hmm..what else..wrapping...hmm..see what my brother wants to do about that later is to have a really really good break...probably should take a nap or something...

oh last thing b4 i sign off....starbucks' mango citrus frappucino tastes really pretty good..that is if you are into the whole tea and fruit thing la..

oops...gotta run peeps...
cassie over and out


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