Wednesday, December 22, 2004


i hate eh... this font looks pretty okay..i mean like.. outta the nine fonts .. i like only use..maybe 2? 3? ish!!! WHY is there no comic sans or sth DECENT??? yer know decent?? argh...forget it..

nth much 2 say today really...or rather.. i didn't even do much.. just watched legally blonde one AND two...and then watched carolina...julia stiles starred in it... and then it was charmed..other than that..onlining...chalking up A HUGE BILL on the phoneline AND burning money on my handphone *i didn't mean that QUITE literally*.. was messaging quite a bit this morning...uh..afternoon rather..cos i only woke up at like...1140 hours maybe? despite the oh so shrill incoming message tone from my phone which was next 2 my bed..haha..oh wells....DEAF.. that's what i am!!!.. oh .. and eating too!!!

that's about daily life...uneventful...boring...dull...ish

i'm bailing...l8rz peeps..

oh ya...quote of the day
What do you do when the only person who can get you to stop crying is the person who made you cry in the first place?
uh...make that question of the day..oh wells....think bout it peeps and tag me
cassie over and out


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