Thursday, December 16, 2004


hmm...this font...looks decent but a lil dodgy...too times new roman-ish.. oh never mind.

well well...what a way to start my day. had another round of scoldings this morning. once again, over me and organ. sigh. really felt like shouting back or something. but i just retorted her. just said something back. not something bad. just something. to defend myself. at the end of it, i really wanted 2 shout at her or something. worst still, i actually wanted to leave, but i just controlled myself. not that i COULD leave at that moment. just woke up and was still in my pjs. sigh. oh wells, thank god for andrew, who kinda talked some sense into me. had the rest of the day to cool down and all. didn't really talk 2 her much after the whole incident.

on a BRIGHTER note, kor brought back food. loads and loads of food. hahah... had MCD for lunch. yay. something i hadn't had in a LONG LONG time...ok, maybe not SOOO long a time but hey, i just had the sudden craving for it. YUM YUM. on top of which, i had a packet of rojak. my FAVOURITE rojak at that. DOUBLE YUM!!!

hahah....sha's angry at me at the moment cos i said she was NEVER right to begin with...hahah...i'm SOO dead. nevermind. she asked me 2 "SHUDDUP" anyway... hahah...sha...if you read this har...i'm "SORRY" okay? haha..there

lemme see what else...ooh ya...cleared out my cupboard today. *hums i said i'm sorry momma...i never meant to hurt you..i never meant to make you cry...but tonight...i'm cleaning out my closet*.. okok...i'd better NOT get TOO carried away....and i din quite mean that literally...oh never mind's in ONE BIG MESS've got a fren here..hahah... =)

oh wells....glued up my jigsaw a wee bit earlier on...hope it dries up properly..THEN i can send it for second thinking of starting my third one for the year actually...hmm..peeps...what's your opinions??

finished watching BOTH season three and season four of C.S.I. on dvd...what am i gonna do next??? season five WON'T be out SOO soon!!! ish!!! i miss greg already...he's like super cute...hahah..i'm a lil nuts..

on the OTHER hand, charmed is also finishing its season on channel 5.. and i don't have astro!!! which means.. NO MORE chris!!! oh no...both guys gone...i'm SOOOO heartbroken....2 ubber wait..make that ONE ubber cute and ONE ubber hot...hahaha....haiz...with both of them gone, it'll be like....ripping my heart into pieces then leaving me here to bleed...OH NO!!!! .hahah...ok....all that drama is even WAY TOO MUCH for me to handle round here....

on a slightly more depressing note *i like the note F*.. hahah...stef is going off to kl tomorrow and will not be back until a week gonna miss her :( --> :'( ... haiz...bon voyage stef..and remember to bring back some cute guys okay? we can share 'em out...hahaha

oh .. one last thing before i go off....angel blogged and tagged!!! YAY!!! was SOOO happy 2 c her tag and her blog...heheh....she's having a ball of a time in drinking and all...wish i could be there too...i wanna be anywhere but here.... *hums hilary duff's song* oh shit..aish..never mind...

well...quote of the day *it has moved from the classroom board upto my blog board..haha*


with courtesy of the nst paper.teehee.
that's it for today folks.
cassie over and out!


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