Sunday, December 26, 2004

boxin day!!!

okay...its like five mins to one a.m. now... happy boxing day people!!!
ever wondered how the term boxing day came about? well..i'm just too lazy 2 actually go find out...haha..
oh wells..
had a pretty much ok and uneventful day day...gave out the presents that kor and i bought for everyone...eesam gave us a voucher for books in mph!!! woohoo!!! more books for me!
AND AND AND....kor bought me a ruby gloom sling bag!!!!! three cheers to him!!!! we agreed on not getting each other anything...on cancelling each other out...but he STILL went out and got something for me!!! so sweet of him!!! oh wells....i've got the bestest best bro ever...both of you!!! haha...
nobody..ok..not nobody...very lil people seem 2 b online..must b partying sumwhere..hehe....oh wells...tts bout it i think..

cassie over and out


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