Saturday, December 25, 2004

mewwy cwismus

mewwy mewwy mewwy cwismus people!!!! hahaha
hahah..okay...i'll try and control my highness..
and NO...its not because of my highness that i can't actually spell properly...i just felt like spelling it THAT way...MY WAY...hahah
okay okay...its approximately 5 past 12.. stef and angel are stuck in midnight mass... oh wells...poor things....tasha's awake doing god knows what..andrew's gone carolling maybe? i think so..don't know where's the rest though. oh wells.ooh..i kor's currently in pd. kinda miss him :( .. no one 2 irritate me..haha
feeling really christmassy now with all the sms-es back and forth..
can feel all that warm and fuzzy feeling rushing back to me...overwhelming yes..but its really nice to feel that way again...for a long long time...heheh...
thanks to everyone who sent me those oh-so-sweet messages!
thanks to those who gave me sth this year! sweet of you guys...really like ALL of your presents...SOOOO meaningful...oh man..can feel my tears welling up at the corner of my eyes.
tuition was quite okay today.
esther brought muffins to tuition today.
went out since like 11 in the morning. haha...
had a great time shopping in pp with angel
ooh man..miss her soo much...
it's been ages since i last saw her!!!
haha...its been milleniums since i saw some of you too!!
am SOOO gonna scream when i see you guys on the 30th....heheh...miss my friends SOO SOO SOO much!!!!
oh wells..i think that's about it for gonna log in on my journal..SOOO much to lil energy..haha..
ok....this is cassie signing off

cassie over and out


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