Monday, December 27, 2004

so sleepy

its like what...9.12p.m. now but im like so damn sleepy.
but no. i must not give in. i must not give up. i will stay awake until my grandparents come back.
simply because i know that if i was to fall asleep now, i would wake up WHEN my grandparents are ALREADY asleep. oh wells...have to tell grandpa to fetch us...*us being me, angel n mama goose* to school... *yawns* .. oh sandman is like here to take me 2 dreamland...must fight temptation...must not fall asleep...

okay..lemme see....jayne n tasha came over 2 my place today to work on the com club presentation. got pretty much everything done except a lil bit here and there.

aiya..sleepy la...

cassie over and out


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