Saturday, May 16, 2009

long socks

it is almost astounding how many holes i have in my socks, and how many runs i have in my tights.
what the hell?
both pairs of my black socks have been relegated to the rubbish bin due to the gaping hole at the area around the balls of my feet.
my new pair of sussan tights has a hole in them already, my other nicer looking glassons one managed to acquire a nice long run down the back of it.. or the front.. depending on how i wear it.
and so i am left with my old pair of glassons tights which has little annoying cotton balls on it.

i need new socks and tights.. fast! wearing knee-high boots with ankle socks isn't the most comfortable feeling around.

speaking of boots, i don't know if i should throw away my old pair of boots.. admittedly, it is pretty worn and the inside of the sole is pretty much gone (maybe that's whats causing holes in my socks). but there's sentimental value in it! it lasted me for a good 3 winters. i can't possibly abandon it now :(

and the other day when i was in the mall, i walked past shoe connection and saw another pretty pair of boots. its so evil! i already bought one. i wasn't even going around looking for another pair (which my mum accused me of!). it was just sitting there in the window display, calling out to me. sigh. its got such pretty buttons and buckles on it too! mum told me to just buy it and get over with it and not go looking for another pair (i swear i wasn't!). my brother said that i should buy it on the condition that if my results come back looking less than spectacular, i would have to buy him something. my only hesitation on buying it is because i'm not unsure as to how many more winters i would have in christchurch. im supposed to be graduating next year. but what if after graduation i don't stay on here because i can't find a job? then what?


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