Wednesday, May 13, 2009

equity schmequity

wow.. i found my post from last night! silly blogger didn't just delete my post and not save it as a draft after all.. phew..
tried to write up my essay last night.. but all i came up with was "terrorism strikes again" oh yay..

i want my paper back damnit.. my equity lecturer is so evil.
she announced in class yesterday that she was going to return our test scripts. BUT we had to wait till friday.
honestly. who does that?! i just want my test script back already.... all this waiting is killing me.. knowing that i didn't do half as well as i probably should have :(

dreading writing my 2nd essay. over it, over it i say! the lecturer gave us a grace period until monday before the secretary got in.. but i really need to get started on my commercial essay as well.. can't wait till all this is over.. then maybe i can finally get some decent baking or cooking done.. chocolate chip cookies? lemon cheesecake? laksa?


Blogger linnykins said...

All of the above? :P

5/15/2009 12:31 pm  

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