Saturday, May 09, 2009

All nighter

I can't believe I pulled yet another all nighter.. for yet another essay..
its preposterous!
well theoretically it wasn't really an all nighter cos i did sleep for 2/3 hours.
but still.. i SWORE i wouldn't do an all nighter anymore.. but lo and behold i stayed up yet again.. with josh.. to write up a 3000 intellectual property essay.. i started at around midday and didnt finish till nearly 4 in the morning.. AND i found myself in crimes lecture at 9 in the morning. i can't believe myself.. honestly..
another 2 essays to go.. i DON'T WANT TO PULL TWO MORE ALL NIGHTERS IN A ROW.. gahhhh

and and andddd.. i saw another pair of boots that i like.. its soooo unfair :(


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