Saturday, January 17, 2009


have you ever felt like you were being watched from behind your shoulder?
it's the exact feeling when you are reading the papers and someone creeps up behind you and starts reading it too.

i had the feeling that day. on thursday? friday? i can't remember anymore. i was busy clearing the tables and putting out more bottles of water and bags of peanuts. it really felt like you were there - standing right behind me making sure i was doing my job right. i was so sure of myself that i expected to see you hovering behind me when i turned. but there was no one.

i thought i saw you though. a split second image of you. if i had blinked, i wouldn't have caught anything. but you were there. i know you were there. and then you were gone.


Blogger +xinyu+ said...

i got that feeling once, when i was around 14? just felt like someone was in my room watching me all the time, especially when i was going to take a shower.

mum claims no relatives left around then, so it was probably a hamsap ghost passing by.

i am surprised i wasn't more freaked out.

coming back tomorrow!!

1/31/2009 7:26 pm  

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