Sunday, January 18, 2009

i dreamt of you

last night, i had a dream of you.
i dreamt that you had returned to us for one more day.
we had spent the day together as one whole family.
for a moment, it felt like the events of the past week was merely a dream, a joke that you had pulled on us. for that moment, i was happy.
then it was time for you to go. it was no less painful the second time around.
we sat around and said our goodbyes and you told me that you had come back to see us everyday since. just like you used to. i was slightly comforted by that fact.
you left slightly smiling, with food and drink in one hand and a burning cigarette in the other.
then i awoke. reality piercing every inch of my skin.
the reality that i would never see you again in this lifetime of mine.
the reality that you were gone, forever.
the reality that you weren't coming home for tea or dinner ever again.
i miss you.


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