Saturday, January 24, 2009


hey mann..

hows it going? where are you now?
do you still come back during tea and dinner time? i don't know.. i don't feel you like they do. in case you don't, you should know that your place outside is still empty - waiting for you to come back for tea. your place is also still being set at dinner. i've been rather lazy lately and haven't been cooking dinner. your mum doesn't really like me helping out in the kitchen, you know that.

you missed dinner tonight. the dinner you were supposed to buy me before i leave for new zealand. we went to that seafood restaurant place at the driving range. it wasn't really anything to shout about. their service was poor. food was not too bad, i guess. though their roast chicken wasn't that good today as compared to lunch the other day.

i dream of you quite a few times, you know? not sure if its just my subconscious or if its you trying to send a message to me lol.

don't forget to come along to grand aunty serene's place for the new year okay? don't stay too long though. ee-sam said that she doesn't feel like joining us this year so you should go accompany her at home. it's just the usual affair at aunty serene's anyway. its going to be hot, and boring and mosquito infested. ergh. guess you really aren't missing out on much so yeah.

anyway, i best be off..
miss you okay? come back for dinner ya..
never really said this before, but, love you uncle!


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