Friday, September 12, 2008

free rice!

Free Rice

Just a little something I found on Xin's Blog.
Click on it and play it to help donate rice through the UN World Food Program!
For every correct answer that you get, 20grains of rice are donated.
And it's not just English Vocabulary that you can play, you can choose from other subjects too!
Several countries have already reached their target donation while some others are scheduled to complete in the next few years or so. Sadly, New Zealand is not even scheduled to complete anytime soon. So play away and tell your friends as well.
Go on. Click on the link. Let this be your one good will for the day.

My Scores!
English Vocab - got up to level 31. But gave up as the words got too weird.
English Grammar - level 5/5
Math Multiplication - All the memorising throughout primary school finally paid off.
Chemistry Basic - just a recap on basic high school stuff

Have fun with it! I know I did, for an entire hour. =)


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