Wednesday, June 18, 2008

when you're not feeling the love

been doing a lot of thinking during the past few days despite the fact that i am currently on holiday..

i'm turning 20 at the end of this year and i feel like i have accomplished absolutely nothing at all... makes me feel kinda useless.. grr

not feeling too good today..
it was going to end on a good note. until that conversation. should have just shut my trap.



Blogger andychoi said...

I smell mother involvement.

6/19/2008 8:05 pm  
Blogger JAS 35C Gripen Pilot said...

Why have you not accomplished anything??

It's all a matter of perspective

6/23/2008 6:57 am  
Blogger Pannis McMannis said...

i could say one of two things here
and i chose to say them both
positive +++++
You're a well groomed woman and you've done a great deal to become who you are today, no matter what others say, you know yourself the best, if they say you have done nothing, and they think they have by putting you down? You are growing, and you will continue to do so. 20 years, you've learned to walk, talk, argue, love, hate, make friends, solve problems.
Negative -----
how do you think I FEEL!!!? gees... have some consideration~~ pfft I'm older like... half a year older!!! what are you complaining about?

6/24/2008 7:38 pm  

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