Sunday, June 29, 2008


One word. No explanation.

1. Yourself: morbid
2. Your partner: angmoh
3. Your hair: layered
4. Your mother: scary
5. Your father: fatherly?
6. Your favorite item: laptop
7. Your dream last night: red
8. Your favorite drink: mountain dew
9. Your dream car: beemer
10. The room you are in: not mine
11. Your ex: engineer
12. Your fear: butterflies
13. What you want to be in 10 years: rich/successful
14. Who you hung out with last night: xy
15. What you’re not: size 8
16. Muffins: triple chocolate chip
17: One of your wish list items: clothes
18: Time: 2320
19. The last thing you did: type
20. What you are wearing: tracks
21. Your favorite weather: late summer/early spring
22. Your favorite book: p.s. i love you
23. The last thing you ate: mackers
24. Your life: mundane
25. Your mood: bored
26. Your best friend: (s) quirky
27. What you’re thinking about right now: hot showers
28. Your car: non-existent
29. What you are doing at the moment: typing
30. Your summer: malaysia
31. Your relationship status: attached
32. What is on your TV: nothing
33. What is the weather like: cold and windy
34. When was the last time you laughed: yesterday


Blogger Pannis McMannis said...

you didn't follow the rules :(

7/01/2008 12:43 am  

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