Thursday, May 01, 2008


You would think that being miles apart, the both of us would have better things to keep us entertained with other than food. But on the contrary, the first thing I wake up to is her asking me to suggest something for her to eat.

her : wht should i have fr dinner
me : chicken cordon bleu
her : i can only get that at cheesecake factory which is like 25minsdriveawaywtf
me : chicken rice
her : had that few days ago. and why are you naming all chicken meal. lol
me : wonton mee
her : had that fr breakkie
me : go get a burger la you. so mafan
her : HAHAHHAHAHAHA. ask you to suggest sth also mafan. nonsense
me : :p i make awesome ass burgers btw
her : without pickles thank you very much.
me : i never had pickles in my burgers thank you
her : i dont mind more onions n tomatoes, n lettuce hahaha im a vege person
me : meat and bacon for me thank you
her : mmmmm both of that yum. i had vietnamese pork chop rice last nite. uncle drove all of us out to chinatown just to satisfy our cravings. and it was almost an hour's drive
me : i know what you can have... baked chicken rice
her : eeek anything but baked rice
me : blasphemy woman!
her : no its not eeek
me : blahhh.. i will not and shall not speak any longer to you... YOUUUUU... who insults the dearly beloved baked rice. how dare you
her : HAHAHAHAHAHA wtf ... anything but baked rice. seriously.
me : blasphemy

just your good olde conversations on a thursday morning.


Blogger Raging Bull said...

baked rice is an abomination... like seriously... who puts cheese in their rice...

5/01/2008 11:45 am  
Blogger castalnetta said...

dude! how can you not love cheese baked rice! blasphemy I say! each and every one of you...

5/01/2008 6:47 pm  
Blogger Natasha Lim said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5/03/2008 5:27 pm  
Blogger Natasha Lim said...

wtf i didnt know we talked THAT much about foooodddd. LOL

and hor, im beginning to crave for crystal jade's sui gao tong, water dog soup in direct canto-eng translation wtf. hahahahhaa

haih i need a makan partner, like YOU! seriously larh. when i feel like crying, i need a crying bolster to hug wtf and that would be YOU. yesyou'rethatspecialthat'swhy youre my mangkuk.

hee hee

5/03/2008 5:44 pm  
Blogger JAS 35C Gripen Pilot said...

What the hell is cheese baked rice??

The notion of it...sickening...

5/04/2008 12:23 pm  

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