Friday, December 14, 2007


today, i had a semi productive/unproductive day.

meeting up with nicholas and colin for lunch = productive
colin breaking nick's cam over lunch = not so productive
buying my converse bag = productive that i finally decided which bag i wanted, not so productive that i wasn't supposed to shop for bags this summer
not finding and shoes/sandals i like even after prawling the whole of cs = not so productive
buying a black skinny tie = productive that i get to mark off something off my list
window shopping with wy and xy = productive girl bonding time
getting my pc fixed = productive!!!!!!
clocking dancing with the stars = hmm..... leaves much to be desired about my social life

tomorrow.. maybe tomorrow i will be more productive.. maybe.
maybe i will do some driving tomorrow
maybe i will find some shoes tomorrow
maybe i will do some reading tomorrow

from blog hopping before, i noticed that everyone seems to have very deep meaningful posts.. posts that actually have a point to it. posts that oozes with interesting details and charm and charisma. posts that actually make sense. then i look at my own posts and i go -.-'' *bish*


Blogger Pannis McMannis said...

10 points to von

12/15/2007 12:39 am  
Blogger castalnetta said...


12/15/2007 1:24 am  
Blogger Raging Bull said...


*falls to the ground*

12/15/2007 1:49 am  
Blogger Random in the corner said...

lol, i like ur blog purely because its not deep and it doesnt make me think!!! thats not a bad thing!!!

12/15/2007 9:32 pm  
Blogger castalnetta said...

hahaha.. makes me seem like im real shallow.. and dnt do a lot of thinking..

12/16/2007 2:19 am  
Blogger JAS 35C Gripen Pilot said...

Bah who cares,its just a blog.

Kinda like a diary

12/17/2007 2:56 pm  
Blogger castalnetta said...

what do you mean "who cares"

of course i fucking care.

12/17/2007 8:42 pm  
Blogger JAS 35C Gripen Pilot said...

What I meant was that no one's gonna judge you just on your blog ok??

12/19/2007 1:34 pm  

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