Sunday, December 09, 2007

lost voices

after a week of on/off sore throats and incessant coughing, i have finally lost my voice. i can only go as far as whispering.. thats about it. oh and squeak and croak. this was after 8 hours of talking laughing, giggling, reminiscing with xinyu, celine, weiyi and melissa! it was great fun! (not losing my voice.. catching up is). really should have just shut up at dinner when they told me to.. but noooo.. i HAD to continue talking. lol.

on a different note, i had my first krispy kreme ever about.. 40 minutes ago.. yes yes i know eating donuts while nursing a sore throat isnt the best idea ever. but it was sitting in the fridge just tempting me towards it.. many thanks to xin for flying them back for me! love ya! that donut despite it being fried, frozen, defrosted, refridgerated tasted like paradise. its no wonder why people swear by it. it tastes sooooo good!

on this note, i shall leave you and will at some point (hopefully when i have regained full use of my voicebox) continue to fill and entertain your lives with nuggets of insights into the fun filled adventures of fangi the fantabulous!



Blogger Pannis McMannis said...

someone's gonna get *cough pause* fat over the summer

12/10/2007 6:06 pm  

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