Friday, September 21, 2007

Its yet another survey, love.

Fashion Survey!

Name: .von
Age: i am 18 going on 19
Location: Chirstchurch

Store: Principals, Portmans and Glassons
Designers: indifferent/apathetic
Place to go shopping: anywhere, as long as it isn't crowded
Brand Names: Esprit, Chuck Taylors
Colour to wear : Black!
Item of clothing you own: the number of clothing? Innumerable!
Type of jeans : Boot cut
Type of tops: definitely not something that screams lian-ism or has bad English (ditto)
Type of shoes: my buckled leather boots and Chucks
Clothing on opposite sex: whatever they pull off well, though I really like long sleeved shirts and black pants
Type of accessories: fuck bands, earrings(hoops, dangles, studs) pendants and chokers

What would you never be caught dead in?
Supre clothes or neon coloured/prints.

How many clothes in your wardrobe?
Too many.

What was the last item of clothing you bought?
A faded grey denim from Glassons.

If you owneed your own fashion label, what would it be called?

Which celeb's style would you love to steal?
No one's in particular.

Do you follow trends?
Helllllllll no. I'm a non conformist.

Whats "in" in your area at the moment?
Oversived tees with neon coloured prints.

What colour is a NO for you?
hell-raising fluorescent colours that blind the eyes (ditto)

Short skirts or long skirts? -short-
Jeans or corduroys? -jeans-
Hats or sunglasses -sunnies.. dnt like hat hair-
Tight jeans or baggy jeans? -how about just fitting?-
Bright colours or dark colours? -normally dark, with the occasional bright-
Skinny belts or wide belts? -skinny.. wide ones scream 80s wayyyyy too much-

:Right now:
Wearing: Yellow shorts and black camisole and green flipflops
In your bag: Lipbalm/lipgloss, wallet, phone
Saving up for: Sony S500i!
Wishing for: When I can see my friends again!

:That you own:
Favourite shirt: i love all of them!
Favourite jeans: my dark blue Glassons which are fraying like mad on the ends
Favourite shoes: black/pink chucks and leather boots
Favourite dress: my long black prom dress?
Favourite belt: black with Emily belt buckle
Favourite hat: only have two... so it would be the trivium one.
Favourite piece of underwear: probably my Halloween Witch one!


Blogger JAS 35C Gripen Pilot said...

What are corduroys?

9/21/2007 9:39 am  
Blogger castalnetta said...

omg.. you actually bothered reading it.. its those really stripey velvety like kinda material

9/21/2007 11:40 am  
Blogger Pannis McMannis said...

thank god there's no tagging involved... I'd be like... "hummm long skirt or short skirts" - can i just put it down as - i like "this" on my woman :D
And i'll be putting down "nothing" for the right now section

9/21/2007 11:42 am  
Blogger Raging Bull said...

do we have to fill it in too?

9/21/2007 2:54 pm  
Blogger andychoi said...

"Type of accessories: fuck bands"

Geez, thats convenient for vinnie lol.

9/21/2007 3:13 pm  
Blogger castalnetta said...

hahaa.. no allan.. i didnt tag any of you..
you can do it though, if you want

soo.. do you prefer long or short skirts?

9/21/2007 6:59 pm  
Blogger JAS 35C Gripen Pilot said...

I personally like long skirts, i don't know why...Short skirts are a bit slutty imho

9/21/2007 11:51 pm  

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