Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Commitments Commitments Commitments

1) 2nd year Law School (if I get in, in the first place)
2) RDU F.M. volunteer (Uni Radio Station)
3) UCSSS Events Coordinator (if I bother running for it, and if I do get it in the end)
4) International Student Mentor (can I be bothered? It'll be good on my CV if anything)

Can I handle it? What do you think? Comments.. somebody? Anybody? Please?


Blogger Y said...

Of course. If you quit the procrastination. Wait, not quit (cos that's not possible with anyone...) but maybe cut it down?

Power on Von!

9/18/2007 1:46 pm  
Blogger JAS 35C Gripen Pilot said...

Hahaha I'd say everything except maybe the F.M. volunteer? that sounds a wee bit too taxing (like a job or something)

9/18/2007 4:22 pm  
Blogger Pannis McMannis said...

Yea..... like totally.... priorities man... priorities!!!
Volunteer work should be the last thing on your mind. Especially if it's something like the uni radio station or events coordinator. Cause I'd rather not have you tempt me to help you. CAUSE I WILL if the opportunity presents itself.
*inscribes - must not help von organise events cause it'll cause me pain*

9/18/2007 5:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything but the RDU volunteer, perhaps. It sounds like it would be rather fun though. And some experience.

UCSSS Events Coordinator: most definitely!

What exactly does an International Student Mentor do?

9/18/2007 8:08 pm  
Blogger Raging Bull said...

just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into...

9/19/2007 2:45 am  
Blogger Random in the corner said...

my dear you can do anything u want, so yea-i no ull handle it, and if not u got us


9/19/2007 8:24 am  
Blogger castalnetta said...

Yi - Yes, I will stop procrastinating. Tomorrow.

Michael - Hm, not so much a job.. jus t more.. behind the scenes work?

McMannis - Ohhhh.. you KNOW you WANT to come poke holes! muahahah

Huei - I know, it does sound like fun.. which is why I wanted to volunteer in the first place.. and get some experience DJ-ing. Student Mentors basically just help the newbies during the first few weeks and during orientation? It will definitely look good on my CV.

Allan - Hm, I could probably say I do now.. but when the time comes, I will be so stressed! KFC everynight!

Hun - Thanx hun.

9/19/2007 8:55 am  
Blogger Pannis McMannis said...

*ew... kfc everynight... - stands on weights.... humm still 60*

9/19/2007 1:01 pm  
Blogger JAS 35C Gripen Pilot said...

I found out that if I have kfc just one more time, my skin is going to rot off my face...

As what happened last saturday.

But yeah, don't take too much on eh...

9/19/2007 7:03 pm  
Blogger Y said...

eeeewwww KFC...

9/20/2007 5:12 am  

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