Saturday, August 25, 2007

a little bit about meme...

1. My ex is : currently in Singapore studying Engineering

2. I am listening to: The Flower Duet by Operababes

3. Maybe I should : get onto doing my Phil essay which is due Monday

4. I love : getting a hairwash at the hairdressers

5. My best friend : knows me only too well.

6. I don't understand : myself from time to time.

7. I lose : interest in lectures all too quickly

8. People say : I am that weird gothwannabechick

9. The meaning of my screen name is : my name

10. Love is :l strawberry cheese cake

11. I will always : question why I am such a cheap drunk

12. Forever : are what diamonds are.

13. I never want to : lose anyone I love (ditto)

14. My cellphone is : white and orange in colour

15. When I wake up in the morning : I go.. what the hell.. I barely slept!

16. I get annoyed at : people who annoy me?

17. Parties are : overrated

18. My dog is : nonexistent

19. Kisses are worst when : its not with the person you love.

20. Today I am : being a good girl and doing my essay.. procrastination i tell you

21. Tonight I will : finish off my readings... which is not going to happen

22. Tomorrow I will : finish my essay..hopefully..

23. I really want : to go shopping and have someone else pay for the stuff

24. When I looked at myself in the mirror today I : sighed.

25. I will drive my car : with my fingers tapping away on the steering wheel.

26. A word that rhymes with park is : fark?

27. Bright or dark room? : dark.. the light.. it kills

28. If I'm alone in a room with two beds I : will push them together and jump up and down on them

29. Now to tag people
I tag... YenShengPan, MojoJojo, and my dear one and only VincentJamesBaker.


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