Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mercedes A160

Today, I got to ride in my aunt's brand new Mercedes A160! It had the whole brand new car smell (obviously, since it is new) and the works! It was totally awesome!! However, it was a merc.. and i'm not too big a fan of mercs.. I'm more of a Beemer girl *grins*

In other news, I lost the back of my stud. My very first stud. My very first piercing. I was cleaning it right, and I accidentally dropped it onto the floor. I get down on my knees to pick it up and next thing I know, it isn't on the floor. This is going to annoy me for quite some time. And getting a new one, as Vinny had suggested just isn't the same! This has sentimental value!!! I don't understand how it could have gone missing in the span of 5 seconds :S. I know I know, some of you are going to think that I am crazy obssessing over something as small as this. But it matters! It really does! God this is going to annoy me for some time.

Also, my exams have officially started. My first paper being Economics, was this morning. A gruelling three hour paper. Thankfully, there wasn't anything too unexpected in the paper.. which is always a good sign. Stats, I know, just isn't going to be this easy. Simply because although the paper is this Thursday, I have done nuts about it. Don't even know where to start really. So yes - I am kinda screwed for that! G.R.E.A.T.


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