Saturday, May 19, 2007


Levi's Jeans//Gothic Clothing//Kilt Mini Skirt//Leather Mini Skirt//Ankle Socks//Black Tights//Another Pair of Chuck Taylors//Black Leather Ankle Boots//Black Stripey Heels//Cartilage Piercing//Tommy Hilfiger True Star Women EDT//DKNY Be Delicious Red Women EDT//Gucci Envy Me Women EDT//Nightwish Albums//Evanescence's Fallen Album//Silje Nergaard's Port of Call Album//The Beetlejuice DVD//Sony T9@T10 Digital Camera//Altec Lansing@Logitech Speakers for my Ipod//A new handphone//M&Ms Candy Dispenser//FUCKING FLYING COLOURS FOR MY RESULTS SO I CAN GET INTO SECOND YEAR LAW

Looking at my wishlist, one might think that I am one THE MOST spoilt materialistic brat that could have ever lived. But really, all I want this Christmas (yes - its only May, I'm not losing it) is to be with my family and all my BFFs. You guys are dearly missed. Honestly honestly. Seriously. And that - is all I really want this year.


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