Wednesday, May 09, 2007


That has to be one of the saddest movies I have ever watched. Either that or the movie has some magicks in it that stimulates and aggravates my tear ducts! I have watched the movie four times! FOUR FREAKING TIMES!!!! (see, there's even four exclamation marks to reiterate my point)
Back to my point, I've watched the movie four times and each time I end up in tears. Think uncontrollable streams of tears usually accompanied by swollen eyes, stuffed nose and lots of damp tissue. The first time I watched it was in the angel's tv room. Angel, Xin and me emerged from the pitch black room eyes swollen, nose stuffed and a very nasal noise no doubt from bawling our eyes out for over an hour. We didn't stop crying!!!
Anyway, yes, to you guys out there who love sad sappy love stories and are wanting a good cry, I recommend watching Windstruck. I know I will again someday.
Much props to Dennis who gave me one of the songs from the soundtrack, (even before I saw the movie). Swear to God, even the first time hearing the full soundtrack got me tearing.


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