Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just a Victim of My Emotions

I should keep myself away from moody and emo people.
Really, I should. Especially since I get affected so easily.
After hanging up with Michael, I find myself thinking. Maybe I'm not so strong after all.
I keep telling myself that I don't care. And on most days, I really don't. Indifference is the key. I just don't care anymore.
But on days like this? Its definitely a case of it being easier said than done. I do care after all.
On days like this? I really do hate myself for having saint like tolerance. It would be so much easier letting go - but at the same time many more times the hurt as well.
Like my aunt said, I'm a simple girl. Even a simple subway meal is enough to keep me happy for several hours.
All I ever wanted was someone to call my own. I deserve that. Its selfish I know but that comes with love.
Do I only mean that much to you? All the past, the memories, the history. It all boils down to this.
I finally understand.
You've taught me. You've taught me well. I won't err again. I owe that to myself.
I wish you a good life.

I don't blame you for being you
But you can't blame me for hating it.


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