Sunday, May 06, 2007

Great Walls of China

We all have walls around us. Walls we build to keep people out of the most intimate details of our lives. Just to protect ourselves. Just so we don't get hurt. But every once and again, someone comes along and manages to break down that wall we build. And we, knowing that that person was good enough to break down that wall we build, let that person into our lives. To share our lives with us. To know when we hurt, why we hurt. To know when we are happy. To share every single emotion known to man. To know our deepest, darkest secret. To know our most intimate details. We let them explore the depths of our souls. We give our hearts to them, knowing that they would protect it with their lives. We let them in and we let our guards down because we know that whatever happens, they are there for us.But, every once and again, they do something. To betray us. To make us regret we ever let our guards down. To break our hearts. To hurt us in the most cruel way possible. And its not only because of what they did. Most importantly its because of who they are to us in our lives.. That they, of all people, who should have known better, went ahead and did it anyway. That hurts. And so, we start building our walls around us again. Hoping to never get hurt.


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