Monday, April 16, 2007

one tequila, two tequila, three tequila... floor!

last night, the asian clubs of uc (university of canterbury) organised a dance party.. called havoc...
and of course, yours truly attended with absolutely NO intention of getting drunk but ended up anyway.

attendees were mostly asians with a sprinkle or two of kiwis.. supposedly 400 tickets were sold.. but im quite sure there weren't 400 people there..

first round of drinks were free.. and my first drink for the night was a tequila shot..

second round of drinks were allen's treat.. yet another shot of tequila..

i went inside for a dance with shing yee and some of the girls, and when i came out.. there it was.. sitting on the table.. another round of tequila shots.. courtesy of.. courtesy of im not sure who.. francesco maybe? yeah i think so..

three shots and i was done for the night.. the guys kept going but rtds/alcopops make me sick.. and so does beer...

and so, i was happily sitting there in my own world zoning out and trying not to fall asleep..

until 1ish came along and it was time for us to go get some food.. THAT was when trouble started.. i managed to walk out of the club.. with my hands steady on thomas's shoulders.. got out of the club.. looked about.. took a deep breathe.. didnt feel too good.. ran across the road to the grassy patch and threw up. three times. i think? one for each shot. hahaha..

oh wells, at LEAST i did not hit the floor.. only had a very very VERY heavy head afterwards.. and managed to catch NO sleep at all until 6 in the morning.. nice! weird thing was that i managed to get over my hangover BEFORE i fell asleep.. which was good..

all in all a good night. oh and i got named winky by a very very VERY smashed francesco who could not even walk by! good times good times! =D


Anonymous Chalsie said...

Well written article.

11/11/2008 12:30 pm  

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