Sunday, March 11, 2007

my list of 6 weird things

truth be told, i'm only doing this list of 6 weird things because i need to blog about something but can't think of what.. and not because i was tagged. but hey - killing two birds with a stone.. why not right?

1) i want a m&ms dispenser so that i can put sour skittles in them. yes you read me right. sour skittles in a m&ms dispenser.

2) the only jay chou songs i like are the ones with strong chinese influence with traditional chinese instruments which give an olden chinese feel to the song. (if that jst made any sense)

3) like weiyi, the clothes in my closet are arranged in order. tops from bottoms. skirts from jeans. long from short. shirts from sleeveless. tanks from spaggetis. and all colour coordinated. heck. even my earrings are arranged. hoops from danglers from studs.

4) i used to only eat vegetables that look like vegetables. meaning vegetable that had stem and leaf and was green in colour; unlike xin who ate vegetable that didnt look like vegetable (read : colourful and had neither stem nor leaf) however, these days i'm eating most kinds of vegetables. except for the four big no-nos. cucumber, tomatoes, bean sprouts (tauge) and raw onions. to this list of four, i now hereby include celery as well.

5) before 2006, i never drank coffee. i only loved the aroma. and that was also only the aroma of malaysian coffee you get in the penang kopitiams especially if its it kopi-o-kao (thick black coffee with sugar). i remember just takin my mum's cup of coffee and inhaling the invigorating aroma of black coffee. the first time i had coffee in 2006, it was a double shot espresso. i proceeded to fall asleep not two hours afterwards. these days, i like my coffee black with one sugar with the occasional ice blended mocha. somehow, milk in coffee makes me sick.

6) i don't really believe in the whole marriage institution. the fact that two people are "truly, madly, deeply" so to speak in love does not mean and does not have to culminate in a marriage. two people who are in love need no paper proving that they are willing to share a bed and legally fuck each other without being charged with fornication. then again, fornication is kinda last millenium. but yes, i dnt really believe in the whole marriage institution. however, these days, im sorta kinda giving it the benefit of doubt. the weirder bit to this? i want to be a wedding planner.

there. 6 weird things about me. i'm not going to tag anyone to do this. cos i think its kinda stupid. however, if you have too much spare time on your hands and wish to do this.. leave a msg on my tagboard saying you have done it and i will go read it! [this isnt meaning to say that i dnt check your blog every single day.. because i do] :D


Blogger Mrs. MoZ|LLa said...

LOL! heiii this is one super kool blog gal :D

i like it!! keep postin k

4/01/2007 4:27 am  

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