Wednesday, January 03, 2007

resolution 07

okay so resolution time comes around once more.
i don't remember resolution 06 working out so well simply because i just blogged about it and like any other blog post, it just went straight into the archives only ever hoping to see the light again.
nonetheless, like what i say every single start of the year, im going to try to keep the resolution i make. so here we go :

[attempt to keep at the resolution list which has been made]
i mean.. thats the whole point of a resolution list, right? and come next year, i shall dig up this resolution which will probably go straight into archives and see what i have achieved in the year 2007.

[lose weight]
a good ten kilos or so will do. yeah, ten kilos. operasi lose weight must succeed!

[study my ass off]
i need to get into second year law. there is no two ways about it. as yoda said, do or die; there is no try. the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. i cannot afford to disappoint. not when 18grand is at stake! there goes more of my inheritance. sigh.

[get involved with activities around uni]
this year in high school has left me feeling somewhat lacking and empty. i attribute it to the fact that as compared to my many overly active years in convent, i dropped everything in high school this year. no eca. nada. zilch. nothing. and at the end of it all, i found it somewhat unfulfilling. therefore, next year, i am going to get myself involved.. but no overly involved.. there needs to be a balance, no?

[save up]
mum has already suggested a trip to aussie during my winter break to pay xin a little visit. however, when i asked her if she would sponsor my trip, she promptly looked at me and laughed. which means, i would need to save up for the trip. and even if i don't see xin, saving some kaching is a good habit which should be cultivated throughout life. that and i should stop making the owner of glassons and diva richer than he/she already probably is.

[keep working at to maintain and to better relationships]
i would be an outright liar if i was to say that i have perfect relationships with the people around me. in fact, im not even gonna try and deny the fact that i have neglected some people whom i shouldnt have this year. in the year 2007, i am going to attempt to maintain all relationships i already have, better the ones i have neglected and built new ones with the people i meet in university. be it with family, with my bffs, with vin, with friends (msia or nz) - i am going to try my very best and give it my all in my relationships with other individuals.

[don't procrastinate]
its weird that i should put that in my resolution list; considering the fact that i procrastinated posting this post up. hahahahahhaha

but i think thats about it. have a happy brand new spanking new year people! =)