Thursday, January 04, 2007

depressing day out

today, me, xin and lyn ventured out into tebrau city jaya jusco. damn that was a depressing shoppiung outing. i bought nothing other than two bottles of nail polish. the only other good thing that happened today was that we watched "night at the museum" which was a pretty awesome movie..

but yeah.. here are the list of things i saw today but couldn't afford as most of them came with a three digit price tag.

1) blazer/jacket from elle - rm249
2) red tube dress from wh - rm 129
3) black shoulder bag with charms from roxy - rm 169
4) black shoulder bag from roxy - rm 49
5) brown trench coat from naf naf - rm 449
6) black corset dress from p&co - rm 129

and the many many other pretty things i saw which i can't remember anymore. sadly.

maybe some kind soul would like to make my day? *hint hint*


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