Sunday, January 14, 2007

big boobs small boobs

i am very sorry to say this (no actually i am not at all) but people from the neighbouring country has VERY EXTREMELY SMALL BREASTS! not to say that i have extremely huge ones..

today , i walked into this boutique "daniel yam" hoping to find a nice cocktail dress. the largest size they had was L. the dresses were a perfect fit with the exception that the chest are was wayyyyy too tight that i could barely breathe! honestly, i couldn't wait to get out of the dress just in case i rip a thread or something.. didnt wanna be forking out like 150++ for a dress i was never going to wear.

and here, sizes don't come in numbers. they come in xs, s, m, l, xl and then there is f. "f" you ask? free size. what the hell is free size?! there IS NO FREE SIZE!!! there is a reason why clothes come in sizes. not everyone fits into an xxs for crying out loud!!!

there. i've said my peace for today. lol.

sorry for the long hiatus anyway. i've been in penang and kl for the past week. where i blew over 300++ in the span of two days. i bought the corset dress from pdi. and the 170 roxy bag. if i go into tebrau city this week, i'm gonna pick up some stuff from body shop.. and the other roxy bag. and maybe the red dress. oh god. i need to stop spending and start keeping to my resolutions!!!!


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