Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i give up

i have given up all last indecent gross attempts at trying to produce a decent post in my blog. i blame it on the lack of sleep, the upcoming exams, the lack of sleep, the gruelling teachers, the lack of sleep, the insane sleeping hours, the lack of sleep, the depleting braincells, the lack of sleep, coffee kicking in at all the wrong hours of the night, the lack of sleep, the panic attacks, the lack of sleep.

have i gotten my point across yet? the lack of sleep!

so yeah until exams are over or unless i get enough sleep everyday (11 hours min) expect no decent posts except ones announcing that i am still alive and have not kicked the bucket.. so to speak..

should try to make it to more classes as well.. hmm... first period.. legal studies.. she's not gonna teach..might just not go. we shall see..

going to sleep

woke up at 9 this morning to vin's text.. and i was like.. oh crap... im late for school.. hahahaha


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