Sunday, November 05, 2006

can i trust you?

for once, i thought i had found someone i could trust. that person was you. but note, i said was. i should have known better than that. i should have known better than to trust you. you of all people. you had my trust. you really did. but why, why did you have to go and break it? you know whats the most ironical thing of it all? you think you are so smart, and so above everyone else. you thought that no one would find out-but i did. from this moment on, its all just going to be a show to me. starring you. you are going to be my entertainment. i'm just gonna sit back and watch you and how you think you have everyone playing your little game. putting all their trust in you only to have you betray them. i'm smarter than that. i'm learning. its no wonder why the say experiences make good teachers. you disgust me. really, you do. you act like you are all innocent but now, i know better. you really aren't the person i thought you to be. to think i trusted you. you disappoint me. you make me feel stupid and naive. but only for a split second. i'm not gonna tell you that i found you out. in fact, i'm going to act like i knew nothing of it. like i said-you are going to be my entertainment.. and by telling you, i am effectively ruining my own entertainment. now, why would i wanna do that? i thought you would be different from the rest. but no- you proved me wrong. you proved to me that all you fucking people are the same. you are different yet the same when it comes down to this. its sad. it really is.


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